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According to a recent report from Nielsen, Fix Radio, a station catering specifically to tradespeople, boasts an impressive weekly audience of 211,000. This data provides valuable insights into the station’s reach and popularity among its target demographic. Additionally, for the first time, the audience audit also revealed Fix Radio’s average weekly and daily listening hours.


Between the months of June and November, Fix Radio recorded an average of 19.8 hours of weekly listening and 2.8 hours of daily listening. These figures indicate the significant amount of time tradespeople spend tuning in to Fix Radio, underscoring their strong interest and engagement with the station’s content.


Louis Timpany, the CEO and founder of Fix Radio, expressed his enthusiasm for the station’s remarkable performance. He noted that since its national launch in May, Fix Radio has gone from strength to strength, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the industry. Timpany has always believed that builders and tradespeople are passionate about radio and have been eagerly awaiting a station tailored to their specific interests. The data from Nielsen reinforces this belief, as the extensive listening hours demonstrate the genuine affection tradespeople have for Fix Radio.


As part of their efforts to accurately assess and understand their audience, Fix Radio has been collaborating with Nielsen since their national expansion in May. This partnership has allowed them to conduct thorough audience audits specifically targeting tradespeople, providing valuable insights into their reach and engagement. In an initial audit conducted between June and August, Fix Radio’s average weekly reach was estimated to be around 146,592. This impressive reach indicates the station’s growing influence and its ability to captivate tradespeople across the country. It’s worth noting that prior to its national expansion, Fix Radio operated as a regional DAB station in London and Manchester, with their internal research estimating a weekly reach of 85,000 tradespeople. The substantial increase in reach following their national launch demonstrates the success of their expansion strategy.


Louis Timpany expressed his satisfaction with the reported listening hours, stating that they align with what they observe on a daily basis. He emphasised that Fix Radio remains on air throughout the day, catering to tradespeople’s needs and preferences. The data from Nielsen’s audience audit reinforces the fact that Fix Radio is a constant presence in tradespeople’s lives, serving as a valuable source of entertainment, information, and connection.


Looking ahead, Fix Radio intends to release regular updates regarding their audience reach and listening hours. This commitment to transparency reflects their dedication to keeping stakeholders informed about their growing popularity among tradespeople. As Fix Radio continues to thrive and build upon its success, it is poised to remain the go-to station for tradespeople, delivering tailored content that resonates with their unique interests and requirements.

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