RAJAR Q1 2023: Radio is booming according to the latest figures

Radio station for builders becomes Britain's fastest-growing broadcaster

Fix Radio, a builders’ radio station, has achieved remarkable growth since its national launch in May of the previous year, making it the fastest-growing radio station in the UK. Founded by Louis Timpany, a graduate of Leeds University, Fix Radio has experienced a staggering 250% increase in listenership, reaching almost 300,000 listeners.

Unlike the declining trend observed in BBC network radio, Fix Radio’s success story stands out. The station caters to tradespeople and offers popular segments such as The Bald Builders Breakfast, The Plastering Show, and What’s In Your Skip?, where callers share stories about the most unusual items found on construction sites.

The concept for Fix Radio was born when Timpany, while working in construction, noticed that his colleagues listened to the radio throughout the day but grew frustrated with repetitive music. In 2016, Fix Radio was launched in London with a unique promotional campaign: delivering 30,000 bacon sandwiches to builders and swapping their radios. The station gained momentum and expanded its reach, eventually raising £1 million through crowdfunding to launch nationally.

After one year, Fix Radio boasts an average listener who tunes in for an impressive 23 hours per week. In comparison, audiences for BBC radio listen for just 13.9 hours and commercial radio for 9.8 hours per week. The station’s success extends beyond listenership, as it has also achieved commercial success. Operating from Vauxhall in South London, Fix Radio aims to provide builders with upbeat and diverse music that they can sing along to. Popular songs on the station include “Sex On Fire” by Kings Of Leon, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” by Mojo, and “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.

Fix Radio covers a wide range of topics relevant to the construction industry, from tool theft to mental health. The station’s shows are hosted by tradesmen turned radio presenters who were carefully selected and trained by the station.

The rapid growth and popularity of Fix Radio demonstrate its unique appeal and its ability to meet the entertainment needs of tradespeople. By offering engaging content tailored to their audience, the station has captured the attention and loyalty of builders across the UK.

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