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Giant tuna is biggest fish ever caught in Welsh waters

A record-breaking catch was made in Welsh waters when Simon Batey and Jason Nott from Angling Cymru successfully reeled in a massive Atlantic bluefin tuna weighing 900 pounds (408 kilograms) off the coast of Pembrokeshire. The remarkable feat required a one-hour struggle, during which Mr. Batey handed over the rod to Mr. Nott, while skipper Andrew Alsop provided support. The length of the tuna was measured from its nose to the fork of the tail, and an internationally recognized formula was used to estimate its weight.

Renowned Welsh actor and angler Julian Lewis Jones hailed the catch as extraordinary and claimed that Welsh waters were attracting some of the largest tuna in the world. Jones, known for his appearances in popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Invictus, and Justice League, also serves as a patron of Angling Cymru. He explained that the nutrient-rich Welsh waters were a preferred destination for these tuna, which are originally spawned in the Mediterranean.

Angling Cymru, in collaboration with marine scientists at Swansea University, is actively involved in preserving a healthy environment for marine wildlife to thrive in Welsh waters. The organization operates under the new tuna catch and release tagging (Chart) scheme, which requires licensing for angling. Currently, they have six active angling boats. In comparison, England, which has been licensed under Chart for two years, boasts 25 angling boats in its seas.

Mr. Jones emphasized the importance of obtaining the relevant license before engaging in angling activities, stating that not everyone can find tuna and that a license is essential. He also stressed the need for experience and caution, as angling without the necessary expertise or license can have negative consequences.

Angling Cymru’s participation in the Chart scheme has been ongoing for a year, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable angling practices. With their collaborative efforts and the thriving ecosystem in Welsh waters, it is evident that the region has become a sought-after destination for anglers in search of impressive catches like the giant Atlantic bluefin tuna.

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