Our Story

In 2017, the transaction volume of mobile payments reached $18 trillion in China. Along with rising levels of income, more and more Chinese nationals travel overseas for their vacations and leisure. Chinese tourists made a total of 5 billion trips during 2017, with 129 million trips to destinations outside China.

To address the needs of predominantly Chinese travellers, TechCap was founded in 2015 with a vision to transform the current delivery of credit card-based digital payment systems into a mobile hub commerce system.

TechCap has created the ‘PyxHub’ platform with the mission to provide a simple and scalable portal-based commerce solution, allowing global businesses to connect and engage with Chinese consumers – PyxHub can cater to many commerce sectors but its initial focus is in the fast-growing travel and e-commerce markets encompassing hotels, food & beverage, transportation, entertainment and experiences.

PyxHub is positioned to become a leading cross-border mobile and marketing hub, connecting brands with Chinese consumers by integrating all forms of currently used payment methods, featuring Alipay, WeChat Pay, and China UnionPay, the three dominant payment methods for over one billion Chinese consumers.

PyxHub’s hub solution lets Chinese consumers purchase goods and services in Chinese Yuan outside of China using payment methods that are both familiar and trusted by them, and merchants to settle in their local currencies. Adding these payment options allows merchants to tap into a potentially vast revenue stream from Chinese consumers who are the largest spenders and the fastest-growing travel segment to the west.

By being able to accept these ubiquitous China-based payment methods means that a merchant or brand is China-ready and provides a welcoming user experience to the Chinese traveller with the most popular payment options used in China today.

TechCap Executive Team

Stephen Williams CEO

Stephen began his career in the City of London trading commodities and futures, becoming one of the foremost Fixed Income Derivative brokers in London.

Stephen has focused on asset management, private equity and was CEO of a major Foreign Exchange FCA broker, which was acquired by one of the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software. Stephen focuses on driving significant shareholder value into fintech businesses.

Bernard Sumner CFO

Bernard began his career in chartered accountancy before spending twenty years in corporate banking for both UK and Canadian banks. During that he became professionally qualified in banking and as a company secretary.

Over the last fifteen years, Bernard has acted for a wide range of companies including those who have listed, or who are preparing to list on the AIM and ISDX markets of the London Stock Exchange as Company Secretary assisting on compliance issues and in their financial management.

‘PyxHub Marketing’

Your Hub to China and Chinese Consumers

PyxHub facilitates multi-level relationships with Chinese consumers with zero integration. Seamlessly allowing merchants to present products and services to Chinese consumers linking them directly to all Chinese payment methods.

Chinese consumers conduct 11 times more mobile payments than their counterparts in the West, so as we look to the digital future, China is the fastest growing and out scales, western spend by multiple factors

‘PyxPro Payments’

Cross-Border Payments Made Simple

Safe, secure, immediate – PyxPro makes payments simple and allows you to focus on your business. Our tools are intuitive and easy to manage with no additional resources needed from your side. As the world gets smaller, we help make yours bigger.

Add PyxPro payment gateway to your existing checkout process and you will be able to accept AliPay, WeChatPay and UnionPay transactions.

Cross Border Ecommerce

Accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay is easy

PyxHub has been developed to provide an efficient digital hub for western merchants, offering by sector access to Chinese consumers supported by their preferred online payment tools used in China. The initial focus for the PyxHub solution is on the travel and retail sectors for Chinese consumers visiting the United Kingdom and Europe.

Providing the bridge between suppliers and our regulated payments partners in China, PyxHub gives suppliers instant access to all main Chinese payment methods and gives consumers the convenience of paying domestically, in local currency while still using their preferred home country payment method from anywhere in the world.

PyxHub is focused on bringing together Chinese consumers, seeking access to luxury travel, retail and lifestyle brands, seamlessly through the PyxHub digital platform.

By accepting multiple payment gateways, including Alipay and WeChat Pay merchants can access the world’s largest domestic market with a low barrier to entry, providing new opportunities to increase their revenue via the Chinese market.

For International Merchants

Cross-border, mobile marketing, and payment support, connecting you with Chinese consumers through a simple, secure, well-networked platform, integrating Alipay, WeChat Pay, and China UnionPay, the dominant payment methods for over one billion Chinese consumers, 24/7 and with no setup or integration-related fees or onerous technical demands.

- Transactions clear within 24 hours with no chargebacks

- Easy and efficient consumer experience

- Simple and easy to add new deals using your own merchant login, all deals and sales are reported in real time to you!

For Chinese Consumers

Access to a wide array of products and services, which can be purchased using CNY, without the need for converting funds or incurring expensive exchange costs.

- Access to international travel and lifestyle brands

- Access to a wide array of UK and European luxury brands

- Security over funds transfer using known and trusted methods

- Ability to purchase in Chinese Yuan, without incurring huge international exchange costs.

Investor Interest