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Bauer Media Audio UK is undergoing a migration process to transition its digital listeners from radio aggregators to its own platforms. This strategic move will enable Bauer to provide enhanced services to commercial partners and deliver more personalized offerings to its listeners.

Starting from the end of March, advertisers will gain increased targeting capabilities, allowing them to reach a wider pool of identifiable audience segments within brand-safe and high-quality contexts. Bauer Media offers two complementary digital advertising platforms: Octave Audio, which focuses on selling audience groups, and InStream, which delivers digital audio advertising solutions across its network of brands.

This migration initiative follows the successful integration of Bauer stations in the UK onto Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. Listeners can now access popular stations like Magic Radio, Absolute, KISS, Greatest Hits Radio, Planet Rock, and Scala Radio through their individual mobile apps, official websites, or DAB digital radio. This multi-platform approach ensures that listeners can enjoy their favorite content across various digital channels.

Shana Hills, the Digital Chief Operating Officer for Bauer Media Audio, expressed enthusiasm for the evolving audio landscape, highlighting the transformative role of technology in shaping listener consumption habits and engagement. She emphasized that digital audio has opened up new avenues for advertisers to access Bauer’s valued audiences, complementing traditional broadcast advertising. As Bauer has invested in more personalized products to expand its reach, this migration to its own platforms marks an exciting step that unlocks further potential for commercial collaboration, precise targeting, and significant revenue opportunities.

While stations will still be accessible on the RadioPlayer app, Bauer will not actively promote this platform on its own websites. Instead, the focus will be on encouraging listeners to engage directly with the individual mobile apps, official websites, and DAB digital radio options provided by Bauer’s stations.

By migrating its digital listeners onto its own platforms, Bauer Media Audio UK will attempt to consolidate its audience base, enhance its advertising capabilities, and provide a more tailored and engaging experience for its listeners. This strategic move reflects the aging media group’s need to embrace the digital era and begin to leverage technology to optimise its services for the benefit of commercial partners, listeners, and the overall growth of the audio industry.

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