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Fix Radio has entered into a 12-month marketing partnership with TradePoint, a leading supplier for tradespeople, to sponsor the station’s breakfast show. The agreement includes various components such as digital promotion, social media support, and targeted promotions throughout the year, all centered around Fix Radio’s Bald Builders Breakfast show, which airs on weekdays.

Louis Timpany, the CEO and founder of Fix Radio, expressed his enthusiasm for the deal, describing it as one of the largest advertising agreements since the station’s national launch nearly a year ago. Timpany highlighted that TradePoint approached Fix Radio with a clear objective to raise awareness about the benefits of TradePoint membership among tradespeople. This collaboration is expected to play a central role in helping TradePoint achieve its goal of increasing awareness and engagement among its target audience.

John Morgan, the Director of TradePoint at B&Q, expressed delight in partnering with Fix Radio and specifically highlighted the station’s award-nominated Bald Builders’ Breakfast show. As TradePoint continues to grow its proposition and expand the range of exclusive benefits offered to its members, the partnership with Fix Radio will serve as a valuable platform to reach and engage with tradespeople.

Fix Radio has been steadily building its audience of tradespeople since obtaining a national DAB license in May 2022. The station’s focus on providing content tailored to the interests and needs of the trade industry has resonated with listeners, as evidenced by the audience report by Nielsen. According to the report, between September 2022 and February 2023, Fix Radio attracted a weekly audience of 295,109 tradespeople, with an average of 22.9 listening hours per week.

This marketing deal between Fix Radio and TradePoint highlights the station’s commitment to serving its core audience of tradespeople and providing targeted advertising opportunities for brands looking to reach this demographic. By aligning with a trusted supplier like TradePoint, Fix Radio can further enhance its offering to listeners while helping TradePoint amplify its message and connect with tradespeople across the UK. The partnership reflects the growing recognition of Fix Radio as a valuable platform for businesses seeking to engage with the trade community and underscores the station’s continued success in building a dedicated and engaged audience.

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