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Artificial Intelligence - Ready to read the news? is an AI service developed by Stefan de Groot in the Netherlands. Its primary function is to automate the conversion of text-based content into audio files suitable for radio programming. The service can handle various types of content, including news bulletins, weather forecasts, and traffic alerts.

One of the key features of is its ability to integrate text from different sources. Users can incorporate text from their website’s RSS feed or other relevant sources to create dynamic and up-to-date radio bulletins. The service also allows for customisation, enabling users to specify the length of gaps between segments, add news intros and beds, and even define pronunciations for specific terms.

One notable advantage of is its ability to generate bulletins automatically according to a user’s schedule. This automation feature ensures that the content is consistently updated and synchronised with the radio programming. The generated audio files can be easily imported into playout software, enabling seamless integration into radio logs.

While the service offers American voices that have shown promise in terms of tone and intonation, there have been some observations regarding the quality of the British voice. The decision on whether to use the American or British voice for specific radio services remains undecided.

Overall, presents an innovative solution for radio broadcasters seeking to streamline their operations and enhance the listener experience. By automating the conversion of text-based content into audio files, the service provides a convenient and efficient way to deliver up-to-date information during live and automated programming.

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