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Teenagers Discover Live WWII Grenade While Magnet Fishing in Herefordshire Lake, Prompting Bomb Demolition

Alfie Rock and Zak Carroll, both 18, were engaging in magnet fishing along the River Wye in Hereford on Sunday, May 28, when they unexpectedly pulled in a startling find—an active explosive device.

Having never tried magnet fishing before, the young anglers, who operate a fish and tackle shop in the city, were anticipating a mundane day of uncovering old nails.

According to Alfie, West Mercia Police initially assumed it was an ordinary light bulb until bomb squad experts recognised it as a live American hand grenade from World War II.

He added, “When the bomb squad arrived, they immediately confirmed it as a live grenade from World War II.”

Footage captured the specialists cordoning off a nearby field and conducting a controlled demolition of the wartime grenade.

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