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Advertising leaders vote Audio as medium with brightest future

During the recent Media360 advertising conference, radio and audio were voted as the medium with the brightest future according to industry voters. The conference brought together senior leaders from brands, agencies, and media owners for discussions on the future of advertising and marketing.

In the closing session of the conference, titled ‘The Media360 Challenge: Rising Stars Edition,’ delegates were asked to determine the media platform with the most promising prospects for ad spend in 2023 and beyond. The session featured six mini-pitches from emerging talent, each representing a different medium, including TV/VOD, Outdoor, Gaming/Metaverse, Radio/Audio, Cinema, and Events/Experiential.

George Butler, Bauer Media’s Head of Commercial Marketing, represented Radio/Audio and emphasised the unique advantages of the medium. He highlighted that audio offers an exceptional digital product combined with the reach, trust, and efficiency that only radio can provide. To support his pitch, Butler enlisted the help of familiar voices such as KISS star Tyler West, Greatest Hits Radio presenter Ken Bruce, and Hits Radio Breakfast’s Fleur East and James Barr. Fleur highlighted the ability to customise creative content, adapt sound for different times and locations, and leverage digital targeting capabilities. Tyler emphasised the personal connection between radio presenters and listeners.

Radio/Audio emerged as the winner, securing 32% of the total vote from industry leaders, and was crowned the medium with the brightest future. Additionally, radio received recognition as the most trusted media among the Media360 audience, followed by publishing and TV.

Rachel Forde, former CEO of UM London, referred to research indicating that radio is Europe’s most trusted media platform. She noted that radio is a regulated platform where ads are independently cleared, contributing to its reputation for trustworthiness.

These positive outcomes at the Media360 conference demonstrate the industry’s confidence in the future of radio and audio, recognising their unique strengths and ability to connect with audiences effectively.

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