Teenage fishermen hook live grenade from Herefordshire lake

Teenagers Discover Live WWII Grenade While Magnet Fishing in Herefordshire Lake, Prompting Bomb Demolition. Alfie Rock and Zak Carroll, both 18, were engaging in magnet fishing along the River Wye in Hereford on Sunday

Warning Issued for Poole Harbour Shellfish following Oil Leak

Shellfish harvesting in Poole Harbour is currently prohibited due to health concerns stemming from an oil leak last week, as advised by the local authority. However, swimming and fishing activities can now resume, according to the PHC.

Giant tuna is biggest fish ever caught in Welsh waters

A record-breaking catch was made in Welsh waters when Simon Batey and Jason Nott from Angling Cymru successfully reeled in a massive Atlantic bluefin tuna weighing 900 pounds (408 kilograms) off the coast of
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